Leading Causes of Death in the United States of America - 2017

Total Number of Deaths - 2,813,503 - 100%
Heart Disease & Cancer - 1,246,565 - 44%
Stroke & Chronic Lower Respitory Diseases - 306,584 - 11%
ALL Firearm Deaths (accidents, suicide, police, criminal) - 39,773 - .014%

Above are some of the leading causes of death in the USA as per the CDC data for 2017.

Out of the 39,773 firearm related deaths in 2017 – a whopping 23,854 were SUICIDESMeaning that only 15,919 gun deaths were attributable to criminal activity, police shooting people, or accidents.

The number of firearm deaths is so small that if you take into account the US population in 2017 of 325,700,000 – your chance of dying via a firearm in 2017 compared to all other causes of death was: .000122%even less if you didn’t plan on killing yourself – which would put you at a .000049% chance of being killed by someone with a firearm (including a police officer).  It is less yet if you aren’t a criminal planning to go up against the police – you get the point. This is OBJECTIVE DATA.

Average Americans should not be subjected to any GUN LEGISLATION due to the actions of individuals who end their own lives with firearms, because of police involved shootings, criminal homicides, or lone psychopaths with guns.  Yet this is precisely what our government is trying to do to us. Yet this is precisely what our government is trying to do to us without regard for the contents of the ACTUAL DATA collected by that very same government.

Firearms are the least of our worries in the USA. Our Government, however, is a danger to basic Civil Liberties.

Gun Violence Statistics

FBI Crime Data Explorer – one of the newest and most interesting tools available to explore crime data.  Click around – it is very interesting!

USA TODAY – States with most (and least) gun violence: great quick resource to see statistics. However, the stats are NOT what they seem. The order changes completely the moment you subtract suicides. MA – with its insane gun laws, for example, becomes less safe than NH, with its much more reasonable gun laws — if you subtract suicides. The numbers also include officer involved shooting and self defense shootings as part of “gun violence”. Essentially if you read passed all that, the story changes. Also, keep in mind that in this nation right now, we have over 326,000,000 human beings.

FBI Report Regarding Active Shooter Incidents stopped by a Good Guy with a Gun: The FBI has designated 50 shootings in 2016 and 2017 as active shooter incidents (20 incidents occurred in 2016, while 30 incidents occurred in 2017). The media, of course will tout much larger numbers. Out of the 50 – 4 of them were stopped by a good guy with a gun.

Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI] – Oct 2019 : While this is an article by ConcealedCarry.com, they have links to all their FBI data sources and files at the end of the article and below.

FBI Active Shooter Incidents between 2000 & 2013

FBI Active Shooter Incidents between 2014 & 2015

Total Number of Firearms Recovered and Traced in New Jersey in Calendar Year 2017

Gov. Murphy: 77% of Guns Used in Crimes Came from Out of State: Here it is, the data NJ Governor Phil Murphy wanted released. Is it used in our favor? NO. It is twisted and used for Murphy to justify the creation of more Anti-American, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Taxpayer firearm laws. Summary – only 23% of gun crime occuring in NJ is perpetrated by firearms originating in NJ.

New Jersey Related Information

ANJRPC Hearing in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, PA: This is where you can listen to the criminals employed as judges. They no longer have our rights in mind and they have been bought and paid for by corrupt anti-American politicians and corporate benefactors. You can hear their complete lack of care and reverence for the Bill of Rights in this disturbing hearing. Their decision was made before any facts were ever presented. But really, are facts needed to secure our RIGHTS? Here’s a fact – NJ is violating all our natural rights with willful intent.

Gun For Hire Radio Broadcast/Podcast: Feeling behind in the latest anti-rights, anti-gun, anti-decent human being workings of the evil communist state of NJ? Want to hear what’s happening and laugh your ass off? Listen to Anthony Colandro’s soothing voice, the voice of freedom. Ok, maybe it isn’t so soothing, but it is hilarious and informative.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy: WHY would a Multi-Millionaire former Goldman Sachs Executive want to waste his extremely valuable time running a state rather than using his vast bank account to relax and enjoy life with his family? A: To make even more money. This is a very smart man who is leveraging his position as governor and his relationship with one of the worlds largest financial services firms on the planet. One of the men I filmed in my video gave me a solid idea as to how he is capitalizing on his position as governor: Municipal Bonds. Goldman Sachs has a history of making money off of the taxpayers of New Jersey:

Goldman Sachs Sells New Jersey Bonds, Then Warns of Default – November 2008

Goldman Sells American Dream in Unrated Municipal Bond Deal – June 2017


NJ Attorney General Gubir Grewal: In my opinion, this man is a criminal that should be dis-barred and put in prison. Why? He actively works against 2 individual rights every American should have – freedom of speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. This is not speculation and here is the evidence:

In his most recent action Grewal is using our tax dollars to SUE a CA firearms parts dealer (Patriot Armory) so they will be too frightened to do business in NJ – because let’s face it — small business owners cannot take the time and $$$ needed to fight the state of NJ. Fighting a legal battle like this can destroy a small business, so it is easier to just give up. Grewal is smart, very smart. He knows this, and his intent is to exert government control over an otherwise FREE MARKET. He is using taxpayer dollars to further his personal anti-American agenda. This, in my opinion is criminal act #2.

Prior to this he committed criminal act #1. In this case our great and powerful Attorney General has forced one website to censor itself from NJ IP addresses (ghostgunner.net) under threat of more legal action. Trying to control firearms purchases and manufacturing is one thing, however – CONTROLLING WHAT A FREE PEOPLE CAN SEE is the stuff of pure COMMUNISM. In summary – our Attorney General is ALREADY controlling not only what we can OWN, but what we can SEE. It isn’t important how uninterested we may or may not be in GhostGunner.net.

What’s important is that if you visit that website from a New Jersey IP address – this is what you will see. This is not what people in a FREE NATION should see:


California - Land of Nearly EVERY Gun Control Law One Can Imagine

This section features CA – where nearly EVERY gun law imaginable has already been enacted. Despite that fact, innocent people are still shot on a regular basis. Here is ONLY the action from a 1 week period in 2019:

California school shooting: Suspect in Saugus High School rampage has died – Nov 15, 2019: After shooting five classmates on Thursday, Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow shot himself in the head, investigators say. At the time he was hospitalized in critical condition. He had not been formally charged with the shooting before he died.

Parents, 3 Children Dead in Apparent ‘Domestic Violence, Murder-Suicide’: SDPD – Nov 16, 2019: A mother, a father and their four sons were found wounded in a home in San Diego’s Paradise Hills community Saturday morning in an apparent case of murder-suicide, investigators confirmed. Five of the family members died.

10 people were shot, 4 fatally, at a backyard football watch party in Fresno – Nov 19, 2019: A group of family and friends were gathered in a backyard Sunday to watch a football game when two gunmen sneaked into the yard and began shooting, killing four young men and wounding six others, police in Fresno, California, said.

You Only Need 5 or 10 Rounds for Home Defense

This section features stories which illustrate how being limited to only 5 or 10 rounds of ammunition for home defense is absolutely unrealistic. If you search for these stories on Google, you’ll also see that the mainstream media is complicit in NOT sharing this information with us and willfully suppressing these stories from the public eye.

5 shot and 3 killed after homeowner opens fire on suspects in east Houston – Jan, 2019: 5 men tried to get into this man’s house and do him harm. He shot all 5.

4 people break into Arizona man’s home – he shoots all 4 – Jan 2019: The homeowner stopped an attempted home invasion by 4 people. A terrifying situation even if you have a gun for protection. Now imagine how much more terrifying it would have been if this person had a magazine capacity restriction and only had 5 or 10 rounds to defend themselves.

Good Guy With a Gun

This section highlights cases where a good person with a gun uses his/her skill and will to stop a bad person from doing harm or continuing to do harm.  These types of cases are important to note, because more often than not – a civilian with a gun on scene has the ability to stop a tragic event from starting or getting worse much earlier than any police who might arrive after it’s already too late.

Stephen Willeford, November 2017 – On November 5th a mass shooting occurred in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  26 people were killed.  Stephen Willeford stood behind his pickup truck and bravely fired the rounds which led to the death of the gunman who perpetrated this horrific crime.

New Zealand Mosque Attacks, March – 2019 – A shooter killed approximately 49 people with 39 of the deaths coming from the Masjid Al Noor Mosque and 10 more deaths coming from the Linwood Islamic center.  If you search online you’ll see that the media has purposely masked these fact and made numbers difficult to find.  That’s because at the shooters second location a lot of lives were saved when a man returned fire with either a rifle or shotgun (New Zealand’s government is also obscuring this fact and making details difficult to find).

Police Are the ONLY People Who Should Have Guns

This section addresses those who believe law enforcement should be the only ones with the ability to carry handguns because it’s their job to PROTECT YOU. Multiple courts have ruled that it is in fact NOT their job or DUTY.

Officers Had No Duty to Protect Students in Parkland Massacre, Judge Rules – Dec 2018: Once again, corrupt judges clearing a useless cop and human being of any “duty” to protect the kids at the Parkland, FL High School. NO CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO PROTECT THE STUDENTS is how the judge put it. So they don’t want us carrying our own protection, and they have no duty to protect us, but when we protect ourselves from criminals and psychos…then we need lawyers to avoid going to prison? Do I have that right??? Sounds like a racket for lawyers and the injustice system.

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone – June 2005: Just to prove that this isn’t a new story, here is a ruling from 2005. So if an officer chooses to protect someone, it isn’t because he’s a Police. It’s because he chooses to be a good human being.

New York City Cop Charged with Illegally Making and Selling Guns – March 2019: A police officer for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection was arrested and charged for manufacturing guns and selling them to prohibited people. But hey, lets insure we only trust the Police with Guns – they’re all so honest, caring, lovable, brave, and noble.

Appeals Court: Homeless Man Has No Right to Sue Cop Who Let Police Dog Maul Him – Mar 2017: Their duty to protect you is so non-existent that they can even be the ones that do you harm. This officer had his dog maul a innocent homeless man who was a “suspect”, and the courts ruled that it was OK.

The Police are Not Required to Protect You – June 2016: Just to drill it into your head more strongly, here’s an attorney’s write up on the matter. Do you get the point now?

‘Absolutely tragic’: NYPD detective killed by friendly fire while responding to robbery – Feb 2019: This poor detective was killed by the uncoordinated, unnecessary, friendly fire from his fellow police. The robbery suspect did not fire a single shot, because he had a fake gun.

St. Louis Officer Charged in Fatal Russian Roulette Shooting of Another Officer – Jan 2019: Russian Roulette. The police were playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE, for real. With real guns, with real bullets. RUSSIAN ROULETTE. They didn’t even play right. The male officer put a bullet in the female officer’s head. She’s dead now.

Police: All Empire State shooting victims were wounded by officers – Aug 2012: 9 bystanders were wounded by police firing 16 shots at their target, which was one man. The police blame ricochets. I blame poor procedure in obtaining a suspect in a high traffic area.

Lafayette police officer shot in back by another officer fleeing from aggressive dog – Jan 2019: The dog frightened them, the dog then ran to safety (thank god) out the front door, the female officer then gave chase to the poor doggie. The male officer followed, likely forgetting he had a loaded gun in his hand with a finger on the trigger, shot his partner in the back in front of the house. The police officially blame the door with an intricate story behind it. We all know policeman was likely not following basic safety rules (see bottom of page). Doggie remained at a safe distance and has been reunited with family.

Police officer pulled a gun on a black man picking up trash on his own property – March 2019: Now the department is “investigating.” Just one more case of cleaning up your lawn while being a black American. Maybe he was picking up trash on his own property in a menacing manner. I suppose he’s lucky they didn’t shoot him. What would have happened if he had a CCW license? It is now 2019 and things like this are STILL happening, regularly.

2 California police officers who shot unarmed black man won’t face charges, prosecutors say – March 2019: Two police officers shot and killed an unarmed Black Man. Sacramento County District Attorney Marie Schubert announced on Saturday that Officers Terrance Mercadal and Jared Robinet would not face criminal charges in the March 18 death of Stephon Clark. Police can kill us, and just be free to go about their lives afterwards.

California rapper killed in car was shot by police about 25 times, lawyer says – Feb 2019: This is another black man essentially murdered by police. Found sleeping in his running car, the idiot had a gun on his lap. At that moment, he was not a threat, because he was counting sheep. Police woke him up, most likely startling him, and then claim he made a sudden move…like most people make when being woken from a dead sleep. They shot him 25 times or so. There was a better solution to this issue.

Protests erupted for the fourth straight night Friday in New Haven, Connecticut, after police opened fire on a car near the Yale University campus, shooting and wounding a woman inside – April 2019: Police shoot an unarmed Black woman in a car. Connecticut, a state bent on disarming gun owners on the heels of the Sandy Hook Massacre, quite ironically would like for us to trust law enforcement to be the only human beings with guns. This is where things are heading – innocent civilian after innocent civilian wrongfully shot by police. They’ll probably add this shooting to “gun violence” statistics to bolster their push for even tougher gun laws.

Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns to Plant on People They Shot, Trial Reveals – January 2018: The headline says it all. Are these the people society trusts most with firearms?  If these people carried guns to plant on people, then wouldn’t it be in our best interest to hold on tightly to our 2nd Amendment rights?

Amber Guyger gets 10-year murder sentence for fatally shooting Botham Jean – October 2019: She got off duty, walked into the wrong house, and shot the occupant DEAD because she “felt threatened”.  The man was sitting on HIS sofa watching TV and eating ice cream.  She got 10 years, the man is dead, she’ll likely be out in 5. One more instance of trusting police with firearms gone bad.

Woman Was Playing Video Game With Her Nephew When Shot by Fort Worth Police – October 2019:  Her name was Atatiana Jefferson.  She was sitting comfortably at home playing video games with her nephew.  She heard a noise outside her home at around 2:30am.  She heard no announcement that police were present.  For a gun owner, this would be the exact situation in which you would grab your firearm.  The police were there to conduct a wellness check because the neighbor called.  Turns out that everything was perfectly fine, until police showed up – shot first – and asked questions after a woman was killed.

How Government Curtails Freedom of Speech by Demonizing Gun Owners

Should social media check be required to get a gun license? – Dec 2018: Who else would have the hubris to suggest such a thing other than a NY “lawmaker”, Senator Kevin Parker, to be precise. So, we’ll base your RIGHT to keep and bear arms, on what you say and/or type using your RIGHT to free speech. To fully grasp the understanding behind such thinking requires a certain knowledge of history. This thought process alone should terrify everyone (not just gun owners). So you mean that if I write satire on my page, the State will have the ability to construe such satire in a way that could be used to violate my natural rights? YES. So are the 1st and 2nd Amendments rights or not? They are not, they are mandated and controlled by the government if this idea becomes law.

Get your loved ones off Facebook – Jan 2015: A compelling argument to get off of the platform.

Maryland Democratic official takes heat for calls to ‘dox’ gun rights activists: March 2019: Here is a government official calling gun rights advocates who are exercising their freedom of speech “terrorists”. More evidence that they want to kill the 2nd Amendment so they can truly possess and destroy the 1st. The gun rights activists were wearing “We Will Not Comply” t-shirts. They spend millions of dollars writing laws that destroy our rights, and the moment the people of the USA stand up to them with the only effective countermeasure they have at their disposal (not complying) – a GOVERNMENT official wants their voices crushed and wants them on an FBI list. The hard working people of this nation cannot afford to BUY politicians, judges, senators, and congressmen. All they can do is say: “enough is enough, we will no longer allow you to violate our rights.” Step out of line, Democratic Party Secretary ROBBIE LEONARD will sic the FBI on your ass. Our tax dollars pay both his, and the FBI’s salaries.

Dems want $50 million for biased research to attack gun ownership – March 2019: The headline pretty much says it all. They want to use our tax dollars to fund “research” they can use to pass more laws that VIOLATE our 2nd Amendment rights. Rights do not require research. Rights belong to us from the moment we’re born to the moment we die.

Florida Senator Jason W. B. Pizzo – Control the Freedom of Speech of OUR CHILDREN while Demonizing Gun Owners – 2019: Read this proposed Bill. Mr. Pizzo, an attorney, proposes criminalizing the free speech of children. Essentially the bill aims to turn any child into a criminal for sharing firearm related posts to social media, posts, their profiles, or any account viewable to the public. People who think like this man do not belong in the USA. He looks to undo with a pen, all the work done by my fellow Veterans in blood, the very work that secured the freedoms we enjoy today.

Illinois may make gun buyers show their social media accounts to police to get a gun license – Feb 2019: These ideas spread like a VIRUS. Did you think NY would be alone? Hell no. Chicago, our own urban war zone, isn’t enough for Illinois State Representative Daniel Didech. He feels like he should find a way to kick the people of that state in the nuts a little harder. This person is not an American and should not hold office in this nation. He should be in prison for proposing such an affront to the freedoms of the American people.

NYPD Threatens Waze over DWI Checkpoints – Feb 2019: This is not gun-related, but everything above leads right here. Take away the 2nd, and start going after the 1st Amendment. It leads to the POLICE telling you that you could be breaking the law if you exercise your FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This is why they want to destroy the 2nd Amendment. They want to tell you what you can say, how you can say it, and how to think about it. The fact that one of the largest police departments in this nation, possibly the largest – would even propose such a thing is 100% insane. But, for some reason, they didn’t think it was a problem. Enter the hubris that comes with regular, accepted, government over-control. They feel it is within their AUTHORITY to tell you what to say, type, and think – ALREADY, right now, TODAY! What happens when they completely kill the 2nd Amendment?

Los Angeles city council passes ordinance requiring contractors to disclose ties with NRA – Feb 2019: Did you think I was finished? I can type. This is what happens when they completely kill the 2nd Amendment. More government overreach. A law requiring people and companies who work for a living and pay taxes to disclose any tie to the NRA. Why? So that the disclosed relationship can in the end affect whether or not they land a contract. So that ending the relationship with a gun rights organization leads to a more lucrative business. It pays to be against 2nd Amendment rights. Not 10 years from now, this is happening RIGHT NOW.

Red Flag Confiscation Laws or Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO's)

This is a new hell facing gun owners nationwide. In short, it involves Police showing up at your door to confiscate your firearms with no notice or due process.

Maryland officers serving “red flag” gun removal order fatally shoot armed man – Nov 8, 2018: A 61-year-old man is dead after he was shot by an officer trying to enforce Maryland’s new ‘red flag’ law in Ferndale Monday morning. Anne Arundel County Police confirmed the police-involved shooting happened in the 100 block of Linwood Avenue around 5:17 a.m. — They knew full well that knocking unexpectedly at a gun owner’s door at 5:17AM would result in that gun owner likely coming to his own door with a gun. This was poor employment of police tactics, and now an innocent man is dead.

How to Prepare For A Red Flag Confiscation Order At Your House: This article on The Truth About Guns, walks you through how to handle police should they show up at your home to confiscate your firearms. In the USA, it is a tragedy that gun owners must now consider this a possibility. We are being de-humanized rapidly, and stealing our rights without due process has now become “legally” acceptable. Where this is going: pretty soon, gun owners will have to unite and protect each other from police if police choose not to speak up like Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams did. Police need to pick a side, the governor and the DA – or we the people (ironically, our taxes pay the salaries of all the aforementioned people).

Washington Court: Refusing To Let Cops Enter Homes Without Warrants Isn’t Obstruction – April 2019: Interesting article on Forbes regarding search warrants and being charged with “Obstruction of Justice” for not allowing officers to enter your home WITHOUT a warrant. Essentially, there is a terrifying precedent being set where police have the right to invade your home both with and without a court ordered warrant.

Scott Bach skewers NJ “Extreme Risk Protection Order” legislation:

Ocasio-Cortez - YES, she gets her own section!

I’m not going to say one bad word about this woman, you can find that everywhere. INSTEAD, I’m just going to highlight her contribution to helping the fight for gun rights. How does she do this, you ask with suspicion? She objectively proves a simple fact: that our government is no longer by and for the people. That our politicians have been bought out. That our politicians and judges in fact work for the highest bidder, and not for the American people. Here she is helping us out, highlighting how the people who pay off politicians have OUR LAWS written to help themselves control our lives:

Some of My Favorite YouTube Channels

Basic Firearm Safety Rules for Everyone:

  1. Assume all guns are always loaded. When you see a gun the first thought in your head should always be “IT’S LOADED”.
  2. Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to shoot.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. Known as “Trigger Discipline”.
  4. Always positively identify your target, and what’s behind it.