Documentary Featuring Gun Owners in “Un-Free” States

This will be an up close and personal look at gun owners who live in U.S. States like NY, NJ, CT, MA, IL, VA, HI, MD, and CA – where the Second Amendment has been completely violated by State governments.  This film will be made with the goal of humanizing gun owners and to show everyone that gun owners are all just average hard-working Americans.  Owning a gun does not make a person a criminal, State law does.

I will examine the many gun laws that violate our rights, and how those laws affect the lives and psyche of a typical, average, American gun owner.  I will try to show how the violation of the 2nd Amendment occurring in the aforementioned states acts to dehumanize a normal American gun owner to serve the purpose of stigmatizing a Civil Right.

Filming is not yet scheduled for this and dependent upon financing.  The general structure and interview questions for the documentary have already been written.