Gun Organizations - Alphabetical Order
  • 2A4E – The Second is for Everyone – NJ Based, started by a USMC Veteran.
  • 2AO – 2nd Amendment Organization – a nonprofit, non-political, grassroots organization.
  • 2nd Amendment Rally – Grassroots group created a first of it’s kind rally on the Capitol Lawn on Nov 2, 2019.
  • ANJRPC – Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
  • AMGOA – American Gun Owners Alliance
  • AWARE – Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment
  • BamaCarry, Inc. – Defending Gun Rights in Alabama
  • CCDL – Connecticut Citizens Defense League
  • CNJFO – Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners
  • Constitutional Rights PAC – Exists to advocate Constitutional governance.
  • CRPA – California Rifle and Pistol Association
  • DRGO – Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
  • FPC – Firearms Policy Coalition
  • GWG – Gays with Guns
  • Georgia Carry – A no-compromise voice for gun owners.
  • GOA – Gun Owners of America
  • GOAL – Gun Owners Action League – MA
  • GSL – Guns Save Life – IL
  • Hawaii Defense Foundation – Self defense and civil rights.
  • ISRA – Illinois State Rifle Association
  • JFPO – Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
  • Law Students for the Second Amendment – LS2A is a Virginia based student group out of George Mason University.
  • LEAP – Law Enforcement Action Partnership
  • LGC – The Liberal Gun Club
  • LSGR – Lone Star Gun Rights
  • MSI – Maryland Shall Issue – Self Defense is a Civil Right!
  • NAAGA – National African American Gun Association
  • NAGR – National Association for Gun Rights
  • NJ2AS – New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society
  • NRA – National Rifle Association
  • NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund – Legal and financial assistance.
  • NSSF – National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • NYSRPA – New York State Rifle and Pistol Association
  • PA Oathkeepers – Pennsylvania Oath Keepers
  • Patriot Picket – MD based defenders of Liberty and the Second Amendment.
  • PINK PISTOLS – Pick on Someone Your Own Caliber!
  • Rally for Our Rights – The right to keep and bear arms will be defended – CO
  • Rights Watch International – Safeguarding individual liberty – VA
  • SAF – Second Amendment Foundation
  • Students for Concealed Carry – Students, faculty, and members of the community have the same right to self defense on campus.

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    Gun Organizations - Special Mention

    I’ve included these organizations because I believe they are at the forefront of 2nd Amendment rights advocacy. They are small, grassroots groups that are getting things done in a real way that is within everyone’s reach.

    They move things forward NOT by spending millions of dollars on lawyers, since normal citizens don’t have that kind of money — but by putting themselves out there through refusing to comply with the illegal laws that have been thrust upon us by corrupt politicians and “activist” judges.

    These groups recognize that Americans should not have to wait years by slowly battling in courtrooms to have their rights. Americans should have their freedoms right this minute, as was intended by our founding fathers. The stroke of a lawmaker’s pen should not supersede the work of the men who gave their very lives to secure our rights and freedom or the words on the U.S. Constitution.

    I believe “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” will be gaining traction nationally, as it seems to truly be the only answer to the “lawmakers” that simply refuse to recognize the civil rights that every American is born with.

    Grassroots Gun Organizations Making a Difference:

    Rally for Our Rights – Boulder, Colorado: This organization breaks the mold in my opinion. They came to my attention through their pure form of activism after I read “On January 1, I Become a Criminal, for Doing Nothing“. They don’t just talk, they actually do something. More than most gun organizations have done for us in years. This group of very diverse gun owners jumps through all the legal hoops while also willfully, publicly, peacefully, and strongly stating that they WILL NOT COMPLY with Colorado’s newest gun legislation. The new CO legislation is essentially an outright attack on the rights of innocent Americans that have done nothing wrong.

    John Caldara: A member of Rally for Our Rights and the Independence Institute, Mr. Caldera has bigger stones than most people I know. Here he is publicly professing how he WILL NOT COMPLY with Boulder’s new assault weapons ban. Here he is with a follow up to that video, and one more time showing the difference between an “assault rifle” and a regular rifle. Does he have the backing of his community? You bet your ass he does. Even I contributed to his legal fund. It is a shame that to be free we now require attorneys.

    Patriot Picket – Maryland: This group hits close to home! Based right nearby in Maryland, they’ve brought “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” officially to the east coast. A recent story on The Truth About Guns website covers some of their bold actions against their legislators. Gun owners in New Jersey have a lot to learn from this organization, since all we did was stand by and watch our overlords restrict our magazine capacity not once, but TWICE. Visit Patriot Picket here on Facebook as well.