To create gripping media that positively represents our Civil Right to Keep and Bear Arms. To positively influence the perception of the 2nd Amendment through Education, Activism, Marketing, & Entertainment. To inspire the growth of Grassroots efforts in support of the Second Amendment.

Left, Right, or Center ?

Our work is about a Civil Right, one that belongs to ALL American Citizens as defined in the Bill of Rights. It is about true EQUALITY. The 2nd Amendment is for everyone. Civil Rights are for everyone. Our work is NOT influenced by: partisan politics, religious arguments, sexual orientation, gun organizations, or politicians.

Current Video Projects

Our Second Amendment” is a short series featuring 41 inspiring average Americans from diverse backgrounds.  All of them share one thing – a love for our 2nd Amendment rights and a wish to positively represent Americans who value our Civil Rights.

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Our goal is to create Pro-2nd Amendment media as often as possible. There are 2 ways you can support us in doing this: Donate or Hire Us!

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