The most valuable asset I expend on all this is my time. I would love to throw 100% of myself into working on pro-2nd Amendment projects, however, every moment I spend on these projects is time taken from my primary work of freelance commercial photography, video, and web design. Therefore, I am seeking funding which would allow me to devote more if not all of my time to 2nd Amendment related work.

Funding is everything. Bloomberg influences the entire nation because he can pay for any message he chooses.

I created this web site as a platform for my work, with the goal of earning a steady flow of donations or normal business income. Your generosity or willingness to hire me will facilitate continued production of 2nd Amendment related material.  I truly would like to justify spending more time and effort on the type of original projects you see here.

So for those would like to support my work, I will provide 3 ways to contribute – one of which includes hiring me to do work for you or your company:

  1. Hire us for your commercial photography, video, or web design project.
  2. Anonymous donations via Bitcoin & Ethereum (see below).
  3. Selling SWAG & T-shirts, of course!

My first project and building this website took a lot of time away from my regular work, but standing up for our rights is so important that I just lived with the loss of income.

All of us must take whatever action we can NOW, small or large — while we still have the freedom to do so.

Donate via Bitcoin or Ethereum

If you don’t own Cryptocurrency, now is the time. DeFi is the future, it is how people will FREE themselves central banks. I recommend to get started.


Bitcoin Wallet Address: 159mhXKV87Gsh4LN5WhwpQKe3PjwoiF8Du



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SWAG & T-Shirts

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