Project: ``Our Second Amendment`` - Video Series
This project is a short video series about Civil Rights. It was created to give average Americans a voice in fighting anti-Civil Rights rhetoric in order to maintain our independence as a free people.
It is NOT about being Democrat or Republican – it is not about politics, sex, religion, gun organizations, or politicians. It is about our basic Civil Rights.
Civil Rights transcend party lines. The 2nd Amendment belongs to all US Citizens, equally.

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Completed Videos

“Our Second Amendment” – Series Trailer

It was initially difficult to find people to be in the series without having something to show the prospective participants. Therefore, early on I used the first footage I captured to create this trailer. It served the purpose of allowing people to have a glimpse of what exactly I was trying to get them involved in and did a good job in getting people to show up.

I’d say that combined with my charm, it helped me secure the participation of the majority of the 41 participants you’ll see in the different videos I create for this series.

“The 2nd Amendment – Let’s Take it Back”

This is the first video to be released in the series. It is titled: “The 2nd Amendment – Let’s Take it Back”, and was created to accomplish the following:

  • Put human faces to the 2nd Amendment and Civil Rights
  • Encourage Americans to take possession of the 2nd Amendment – they are our rights, and belong to the people
  • Make the statement that – NOW is the time to take those rights back, because they are threatened like never before
  • Leave the audience with the question: “How do we take our rights back?”


Why Choose Film to Make a Statement?

My motivation for creating this series of short films was born as a response to the 10 round magazine restriction imposed upon innocent New Jersey residents in December, 2018.

The law, passed by the NJ legislature, is a direct attack on hard working, tax paying Americans who have committed no crime. The law actively limits a person’s ability to protect oneself in one’s own home by restricting magazine capacity from 15 round to only 10 rounds.  The prior 15 round limitation was itself, already an unlawful restriction.  The law also rendered personal property worthless. It forced gun owners under a threat of violence from our own police – to incur an expense to either discard/replace their magazines, or have them permanently modified to meet the new government imposed restriction.

In short – NJ law turned Americans who had committed no crime into criminals via legislation.

I asked myself what I could do in response to such an attack and my answer was – create films to show everyone that real gun owners are just normal, average, everyday people. We are not monsters, and I take it personally that the governor and the district attorney see it fit to limit a person’s ability to defend oneself and one’s family in our very homes. A recent case in Houston, TX proved that 10 rounds can be insufficient for self defense. Should you require more than 10 rounds in an emergency – will the Governor or Attorney General arrive to save your family? The police won’t even arrive until after the fact.

Film has the possibility of reaching millions of people, and so I decided that this is the best way for me to make difference and influence people without matching Bloomberg’s bank account dollar for dollar.

Project Details

This is a NON-Partisan, equal-opportunity production. Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Libertarians – ALL welcome! All sexes, races, religions, and creeds – ALL welcome. This isn’t about any of that, it’s about a human being’s right to Keep and Bear Arms, the right to protect oneself and one’s family – the 2nd Amendment.

Using the footage captured from the 41 people who took part in this project, I plan to create a series of short videos designed to show the world that gun owners and people who support the 2nd Amendment are just average, good, hard working individuals.  We are not what the government and media portrays us as.

Filming for this project has spanned from March 2019 – August 2019

I was lucky enough to have my project featured on Anthony Colandro’s Gun for Hire Radio, Episode 404, he mentions the project at 23:50. Overall, a very entertaining broadcast!

The People

No one in this production is “acting”, they are all real people who wanted to take part in this project.  No one here was paid and there were no other incentives offered other than opportunity to create positive media. All participants shared the desire to show the world that the 2nd Amendment is important to all human beings, from every walk of life, every religion, all ages, all sexes, and every political orientation. YES, everyone in the video is exactly what they say they are. These are all real people.

This is independent production at its finest and I am both thankful and proud to have worked with everyone below.  They donated their time, as did I.  Such is the nature of a true grass roots effort.

The Set
3/11/2019 -- Rusty, being absolutely great on camera!
Preparation for Filming
  • Ringers OFF!
  • Dress however you’d like, be comfortable!
  • Look directly into the center of the camera lens.
  • Speak normally, relax. It’s OK to pause or stop at any time. There is NO pressure!
  • Pause 3 seconds before and after making a statement.
  • The shoot is not so much “scripted” but more guided based on who you really are, so you do not have to worry about what to say as it will all be about your real life! At the end there will be 2 questions and you can answer with no time constraints.
  • There is no reason to be nervous, it’ll just be me, my helper, and you in the room. Also – we’re all just average gun owners trying to do some good!