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Farifax County Virginia - law enforcement officer, veteran, and reservist speaks on the socially destructive, anti-2nd Amendment, anti-Civil Rights legislation, that Democrats just proposed. Every law enforcement officer should hear what he has to say, and start speaking out in a similar manner. You either work to uphold the U.S. Constitution for the people of the USA, or you work for the crooked politicians that have infiltrated our government. There is no middle ground.

MrGunsNGear making some very important observations and statements about the gun laws just proposed for Virginia in November, 2019. In summary, the government would like to write laws that turn average Americans into criminals overnight over a basic Civil Right. If citizens choose not to comply with such laws, the government then has the option of sending armed Law Enforcement to the homes of American citizens. If this sounds outlandish to you, it has already happened in NY, NJ, IL, MA, CT, MD, HI, and CA. The people of those states have done nothing, and they've all complied. Some are trying the court system to 'fight' the laws, but that takes years, money, and is generally ineffective.

Sam Elliot reading the experience of Sgt. Ray Lambert, a Veteran who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. This is important because it directly illustrates a portion of what was lost in the way of lives and mental scars in order to help secure the freedom that made the U.S.A. a beacon for people around the world. Destroying the bill of rights undermines the efforts of all those who died for our freedom in the fight against tyranny throughout history.

Full recording of all the speakers at the 2nd Amendment Rally held in Washington DC on November 2nd, 2019. This was an important grassroots event.

A level headed breakdown describing the ineffectiveness of gun control.

A very strongly worded commentary on why retaining our 2nd Amendment rights is of paramount importance. "If our politicians are not willing to entrust THEIR lives to the same gun control laws - why the hell would we?"

An interview with Edward Snowden on MSNBC. Love him or hate him, Mr. Snowden speaks well and 2 notable quotes got through to me: "Facts have to matter more than feelings." "The distance between speculation and fact is everything."

A very good breakdown of how Russian intelligence has acted to help facilitate the division of the American people. The information contained herein is very important. They, of course, bash Trump at the end - which does not negate the importance of the real content in this video.

A look at how KGB spies implement techniques to spread dis-information. Americans are as easy to lead as lemmings.

A very interesting talk that touches upon many of the issues affecting our culture and the way we perceive things due to the influences around us, and our own mindset. I didn't know who Zuby was before watching this, but after I heard him speak - I am a fan. He has valuable lessons that he shares with everyone.

An interesting 18 part video series that talks about guns, gun control, school shootings, and other important topics in a refreshingly unique manner. This man seems more concerned with practical logic than ego and emotion. He does keep the 2nd Amendment at the forefront, but some gun rights advocates will take issue with the things he says. I believe his perspective shows us the gateway to more open, realistic discussion about firearms and how to live with them in our society. Watch all 17 videos if/when you have the time.