This is a page to say thank you to those that have offered their help, advice, and resources for our first project. Thank you to the following:


Monmouth Arms: Steve was the first person I approached with my ideas. He hit me with unfiltered cynicism, but also with valuable advice. If you’re in the market for a firearm, I encourage you to visit his friendly shop.

ROC Training: Rocco was the 2nd person I spoke to at length about my ideas. He was kind enough to devote a good amount of time speaking to me about my writing and offered real input that I used. He has made himself available to give me advice through the process. If you’d like some real training, give him a call. Great hourly rates and invaluable instruction.

Union Hill Gun Club: Beth has been kind enough to allow me to use the club (I am a member) for both filming and to find participants for my film. Thanks to her for taking the time to speak with me and for being open to what I am doing. If you’d like to be a member of the most Gucci range and private gun club in NJ, stop in and visit! There are no attitudes, and no pretentious behavior. Just nice people.

Legend Firearms: Ira himself, proprietor extraordinaire of Legend and fellow USAF Veteran, has volunteered to be in my films. A big thank you to him for putting himself out there. Want to see a HUGE selection of the latest firearms with an inventory that changes weekly – visit Ira at Legend Firearms located inside the Union Hill Gun Club. The shop is open to the public.

Gun For Hire: After hearing about my project, Anthony Colandro at Gun For Hire LLC was kind enough to invite me to use his facility as a location for filming and as a place to speak to gun owners who may want to be involved in my projects. His support on this project is greatly appreciated! With over 160 different firearms to rent, this is a great place to search for your next purchase or bring new shooters.

We the People of New Jersey: RJ Bermudez, after hearing about my project, immediately became a supporter and advocate. His help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated. He is also responsible for advocating for NJ gun rights with an intense passion, and organizing the first MARCH AGAINST MURPHY – so check that out as well!

Tony Simon: Tony organizes a unique event designed to attract, educate, and entertain shooters from all races, religions, creeds, and walks of life. He runs his Diversity Shoot with the goal of reaching people that may not otherwise exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. He has welcomed me with open arms and has been kind enough to allow me to present my project at his events. I thank him for his support!

An important quote from Tony:

“Distracting people with false pretenses keeps them from paying attention to what is really going on. We as Americans achieve wonderful things when we work together. The lost potential from this divisiveness is troubling. We must be better, demand more from ourselves.”

Black Bag Resources: Sean works with Tony (above) to advocate for and educate people about firearm rights as well as firearm safety/techniques. He too has offered his support in helping me spread the word about my project, and so I’d like to say thank you by posting his firearms accessory business. He sells everything but the gun!

Vincenzo Sgrò from STATiC is Noise Productions LLC – Vincenzo was kind enough to offer and create original music for my first release “The 2nd Amendment – Let’s Take it Back”

Colorado Weld County’s Sheriff Steve Reams: Now while I don’t know this man personally, I believe he sets the example for Police Officers everywhere. I want to support Police Officers because I’d truly like to believe that most are just regular working people like the rest of us with good intentions. I am a realist however, and do realize that a number will blindly follow orders. Those that will work for the Governor and the District Attorney, not for us – the taxpayers.

Any Police Officer or Sheriff that is willing to enforce Anti-Gun Rights legislation that turns innocent Americans into criminals for committing NO CRIME is an enemy of the people. Such laws include magazine capacity restrictions, ERPO laws that strip away the right to due process, and irrational right to carry laws such as those we have in New Jersey. I do not use the word “Enemy” lightly, as it is a very serious matter when a government generates laws that turn people who were innocent yesterday into criminals today.

In the United States, a FREE Citizen should have the same exact rights in all 50 States. One should not morph into a criminal in their own nation because they cross a border. Our current system is ridiculous. See what Sheriff Reams has to say: